Tuesday, 9 September 2008

It's an Ill Wind that Blows No Good

I friends; it's me checking in.
This morning I was down to 149.8. This is largely due to an stomach bug that I have been battling for the past 11 days. Not pleasant, but it had its points! :)
Shan, I was so busy today that I did not start the push up challenge, but tomorrow I definitely will!
At the worst of my upset stomach, I was eating only to keep body and soul together. I realized after I started to feel a bit better, that I had stopped the constant grazing that I am prone to do!
Maybe I should try chewing gum!
If I can keep off what I lost and maintain the momentum that will be awesome. And on with the push ups!
Shan, I'm praying about that bike too, that you'll get it back. I know that humanly speaking that's next to impossible.

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Shan said...

Thank you Belinda! I have a post to write too so I hope you don't mind my pushing you down the page a bit!