Thursday, 11 September 2008

Jelly Arms

Thanks Shan! My arms feel like jelly and my upper chest as if someone punched me all over. :)

Today when no one was around at work I got down in on the ground in the hallway and tried for my next set of pushups. I'm so glad nobody suddenly came down the stairs, they might have started CPR. :)

I got no further than the first set of cheating pushups. I could hardly use my arms to push myself off the ground! I'm not giving up though, this is good pain.


Shan said...

Isn't it something? Marvellous, how such a simple movement can be so difficult and exhausting.

Today is day Two - I've just been waiting for my breakfast to settle before getting down to it!

Joyful Fox said...


That really settles it. Push-ups! No way, not for me -not this time.

I will cheer you two soldiers on though - you see I'm still able to use my arms to clap my hands and raise one arm in the air to punch grandly and say "Hooray" for you, Go sisters, go, go , go!

Belinda said...

Ha! I had to rest today. I totally don't think my flimsy little arms were meant to lever up the rest of my body. But I'm so motivated by the thought of upper body strength and strong arms and shoulders. I'm narrow shouldered and wide of hip,so this could finally balance me out. What d'you think?