Sunday, 9 May 2010

10st. 9lb

By Belinda

I don't know for sure how much I would weigh at home! I arrived in England on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning I was 10st. 10lb on our old faithful Salter scale--the same scales that I used as a teenager, over 40 years ago. If it weighs the same as my scale at home it would mean I am 149lb, but I have a feeling that it weighs less.

Here's how things have gone. I have been to the fish and chip shop once and Rob, Mum and I shared one regular portion of chips. Mum and I shared the fish.

I brought home treats from Druckers coffee shop on Saturday and Rob and I both had a banoffee eclair and a slice of kirsch laced black forest cake each. I probably bought them because I had been out shopping for most of the day and wanted to bring something home for Mum. Truth be told it would have been enough just to pop my head around the door and say, "I'm home--let's have tea." It seems that food = celebration somehow, when really that is so unnecessary.

Other than having an eccles cake when some friends visited on Friday, I haven't gone overboard, but as I write this I realize that if I piled all the extra bits and pieces on one plate, they would add up.

I have walked a fair distance almost every day and walking around the hilly village of Alvechurch involves a great workout for the legs.

Tomorrow I will try to do less nibbling and eat real food if I feel hungry.


Susan said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how your "home" scales responds to all the hard work you did with Bruce and staying on the good food track in England.

Belinda said...

Thanks, friend. I certainly have kept moving with the help of my personal trainer, Bruce!

I wonder what the home scales will say. We'll soon know!