Monday, 13 October 2008

intervention needed

Well, something terrible has happened - I don't quite know what it is...well, I know what but not how or why. I've gained EIGHT POUNDS in the last month.

And to that I can only say WTF??!!??!

I have no idea why. The ONLY thing is that my bike was stolen but SURELY, SURELY I could not have been getting THAT much out of my bike rides?

I'm upset and bewildered and kind of panicky. Any encouragement would be gladly accepted right now...

As to details, I haven't changed my diet at all, except in the last week I have gone completely off bread, because I like it too much. Other than that, I am not eating ANY more than I used to.


Belinda said...

Dear Shan,
Wow, I wonder what's up. Exercise does make a big difference, but I echo your question about it making that much difference.

Could it be bloating; water retention? Is a medical check up in order?

Recording helps me. I can have a distorted idea of portion size and how often I nibble. Writing it down forces me to face the truth.

We're with you in the battle, friend, whatever the source of the problem. And I'm glad you were so brave and acknowledge the panick problem.

Belinda said...

What I meant to say was "panic filled problem!" :)That's half the battle.