Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Me Updating

Dear Fellow Slide Stoppers,
I'm sorry for vanishing from the scene, although not really.

I just got back on Saturday from two weeks in England, where I was visiting my family, and also enjoying the fat of the land, literally! I did enjoy fish and chips as often as I could, but I split each order (they are giant sized) with my mum. Admittedly "splitting" meant me having 2/3 at least, but we were both happy with our portions. I also relished fresh cream cakes whenever I could lay my hands on one.

On the other hand I did lots more walking than I usually do and I did not cast off all restraint. I feel as though it was a good balance of enjoying life and being moderate and sensible (even though it doens't sound like it from what I just wrote.)

Today I am 151.2 on the new scales, which read 1 pound less than my old ones. I'm going to forget about that pound, which I feel compelled to tell you about. If you care about it (which I doubt), you now know to add it to any further weight reports from me! :) Truly I only report my weight for my own benefit and accountability. I don't think that anyone else takes note.

I've decided to walk at lunchtime at work whenever I can. Yesterday I walked 2.5 km in half an hour and found it cleared the cobwebs that were gathering after a morning at my desk. I came in from the cool fresh air feeling envigorated.

How is everyone else doing?

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Shan said...

Well done you!

It's been busy for everyone, I think...I was wondering how you were doing!

Walking at lunchtime is a great habit. I used to walk to and from work every day as well as lunchtime, which I used to get errands done in town, or do shopping...usually I spent the entire hour on my feet. It can be exhausting but it's also so refreshing and much better than sitting at your desk browsing the web and snacking absently.