Sunday, 23 November 2008

Checking In

It's been a couple of weeks since last officially checking in. I was having trouble staying on track, and honestly, it's hard to check in when you feel like you are spiralling down.

In spite of not visibly connecting though, I was helped by thinking about the fact that on January 1st I started a journey on this blog in a desperate need for accountability and support, without condemnation or guilt.

I looked at a photo I took of myself at that point. Although I was only about 8 pounds heavier then, they were "tipping point" pounds, with which I began to feel frumpy and fat. And I was slowly but surely, on the way up. With losing those few pounds I am not noticably fat, but I still have clothes I can't wear because they are too small. I need to lose another 10lb.

The last two Tuesday's, when I didn't record my weight here, it was 154 and 154.6. If this blog didn't exist, I know that I would have continued with the abandoned eating patterns that were taking hold again. I'd been to a work training where there the meals were delicious and plentiful and I was falling prey to binging on chocolate and cookies at home.

Looking at the photo of myself, reminded me that I would hate to regain those pounds, and furthermore I want to carry on with the journey of losing more of them. So I have got back on the horse this week and eaten more moderately, while still enjoying good food.

I have not done any exercise friends. The snow has landed in Ontario and it is so much easier to stay snugly inside and to focus on all that I have to do. I am very busy right now with the extra load of Christmas preparations but I need to do something to get moving. I will try to get moving this week.

Today my weight is down but it isn't my official day to report until Tuesday so it doesn't count. I might go up by then, although I hope not. Hey, it might even go down! How is the rest of the gang doing? Please let me know.


Shan said...

I've been meaning to check in -- big things have been happening here lately. I'll update tomorrow...

Shan said...

Oh - and I should have said I'm glad we're here for you as a reminder! I know you've made long-term changes which will stand you in good stead, even if the change happens slowly.