Saturday, 11 October 2008

Encouragement to MOVE!

Hey Everyone,
Today I had an email from Brenda, Susan's sister, who wanted to share what works for her. It gave me the motivation to get moving again because I know that what she said is true, so I asked her if I could post her "nudge" here. She said yes! Here it is:

I bike for 10 k. almost every day and this summer I lost 8 lbs. and I seem to be able to eat anything I want and not gain anything. Maybe what you need is some more aerobic activity? Those hills on my route really make my heart beat faster. I assume that the muscle I have developed in my legs is burning the calories. It's very freeing to not have to worry about what I eat anymore. Once the cold weather hits I plan to put the bike away and take up ice skating at the local arena.

Yes, Brenda, I do need more aerobic activity. Today I intended to take Molson out for a walk in the glorious fall sunshine, but I ended up spending a huge chunk of the day cleaning out our upright freezer and throwing out the fossilized food I found in there! It wasn't exactly aerobic, but I did lots of bending and carrying and stretching.

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