Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Post Vacation Update!

I'm back from two weeks in the U.K. and this morning I weighed 153.4--up 2.2 from my pre-vacation weight of 151.2.

I got back on Saturday. On Sunday I was 154, and on Monday 154.8, so I'm heading back in the right direction.

It was a wonderful time away and I fully enjoyed being with family. Yes, we celebrated with food, and I could probably have been more circumspect, but although I did over-indulge, it could have been much worse, and it was so good to come home knowing that my buddies were waiting for me to resume the journey with them.

I went for a walk early on Sunday morning and I aim to go for a walk today at lunchtime if I can manage it!

I don't like the folds of fat that are bulging around my waist. Others may not see them, but I know they are there. The Battle of the Bulge has resumed, and I aim for victory!


Shan said...

Welcome back!

Life is made of ups and downs...it's the overall trend that matters!

Shan said...
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Joyful Fox said...

You did great, in spite of occasional indulgences. I don't want to talk about it.

I've got one pound to go just to get to my pre-trip weight which at the rate of my weight-loss means I lost 0 pounds for the whole month of May. Considering how hard I've been working, I wish it would measure on the scale.
Perhaps I can still lose 5 lbs. for the month of June.

Lets melt those rolls and folds around the waist. I hear you on those. Hie ho, Hie Ho - To battle we go
A bugle for the bulge.

dee gold said...

Think positively and you're on your way.