Friday, 16 May 2008

Hello from England

Hello! I'm posting this from an internet cafe, where I am sipping a delicious Chai Latte as an excuse to be here using the internet!

It's a week since I left Canada and I have no idea for sure of how my weight is going. I will check in on the 26th, after getting home. My mum's scales are in stones and pounds and are several pounds different to my own.

I am walking much more as that is just the lifestyle here. However, fish and chips and cream cakes have been ingested to compensate! I have not given way to full fledged indulgence by any means though.

I hope my STS friends back home are doing ok! I was in Marks and Spencer's today, trying on clothes and it was a great reminder that while I have lost 10 pounds, the next 10 definitely needs to find another home!

On with the battle friends!

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Shan said...

Hey Belinda! Great to hear from you. I'm envious that you're in Britain - always wanted to go.

Enjoy every second of your cream teas, and also enjoy all the walking! I hear London is already in the full swing of summer, so I hope you get some lovely weather, too.

Safe journey!