Sunday, 29 April 2012

Back into Cruise


I've been doing okay in Consolidation, holding the line around 146-ish, but as I looked in the mirror I still saw a little more blubber than I really want to hang around! I decided to hop out of Consolidation and keep working for a few more weeks on the last 3 pounds. I'm aiming for 143lb, which isn't too far off to be radical.

I am so close and the Cruise part of the Dukan Diet is not painful, hard or unpleasant at all. I am never 100% rigid, but just try to follow the principles in general--and I am getting there. I am so grateful that back in January, God led me to the book on the shelf in Sainsbury's. I keep it close and read parts of it over again regularly. I love the galattes, and I love the vinaigrette mayo and the salmon en papillae from the recipe section. I feel as though my eating patterns have permanently been re-educated. I hope they have. Time will tell, but so far, it's going so well.

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