Monday, 28 May 2012

The Scoop So Far

By Belinda

143 lb at the start of this week. I'm just checking in quickly to say what is working.

My weight is the lowest it has been in a long time and I am so grateful to have found a way of eating where I can enjoy food, never feel hungry and have cracked the cravings I used to live with.

What is working is following the Dukan Diet in its main elements. I am in the Consolidation Phase.

The Dukan Galattes have been a key to my success. I make a big batch once a week, enough to last eight days. I toast one for breakfast every morning and have it usually with a 0 fat yogurt and sometimes with an egg.

Every day I have one Nitropro 32 protein bar. I get them from Costco where they cost just under $20.00 for 12 bars. Both the galattes and the protein bars are filling. 

Around these core food items I add lots of salad, with my favourite vinaigrette mayo dressing from the Dukan Diet book. I eat lots of salmon, sometimes an ounce and a half of cheese and sometimes 3 Ryvita or a couple of slices of bread. I'm not a big bread eater.

At the moment the only fruit I'm eating is an orange, apple or grapefruit--no bananas yet. No nuts yet.

I'm allowed a celebration meal each week--sometimes I've had two. I'm not rigid about it. But it's working. 

I am grateful. Did I already say that? It bears saying again. I am where I want to be and I could live like this forever.

The protein bars give me the taste of something sweet that breaks the monotony that could set in if I only ate vegetables and protein, but they don't set up a vicious cycle of blood sugar spikes and lows in the way that other sweet snacks do.

That's it for now. Just wanted to post an update!

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