Monday, 13 February 2012

Dukan Diet Progress

By Belinda
154.8 1b; less than I've weighed for a while.
Since coming home from England on January 28th, I've been gradually incorporating parts of the Dukan diet into my life. This is probably not the best way to go about the diet, ideally, but it is the way I have gone about it! Most things in my life are slow but steady (-ish.)

1) I started by making Dr. Dukan's Oatbran Galettes and finding them delicious and satisfying. I have ended up quadrupling the recipe and making them every few days.
2. Next I tried having an Attack Day on Saturday, February 4th. I really just wanted to see how it worked and if I could survive just eating low fat protein. I found it easier than I expected. I decided that Saturdays would be my weekly Attack Day.
3) This past weekend I had two Attack Days on both Saturday and Sunday. This is when I literally saw the scale go down quickly.
4) On Monday I have gone back to eating normally, but focusing mainly on the foods Dr. Dukan recommends overall.

I'm finding that I'm not craving junk food. The thing that is tantalizing to me is that I can live with this set of rules for life. If this truly works for me, even applying it less rigidly, I know I can get rid of my remaining 13 1b of blubber and live the rest of my life at a perfect weight for me!

Now that is a goal worth shooting for.

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