Sunday, 6 November 2011

Renewed Efforts

By Belinda
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Last Sunday Susan emailed me to ask if I'd like to join her in a one week pact to only eat food that was good for us. I told her I was in and that I thought I could do it for one week, one minute at a time!

I forgot that it was Hallowe'en the very next day! Actually though, the pact saved me from gorging on the left over candies of which we had a lot since not one child called at our house this year.

The week went well. I attended a couple of celebratory work functions that involved food and made good choices and it wasn't until Saturday evening when I went to a 50th birthday party that I had birthday cake and several things that tasted good but wouldn't qualify as "good for me."

I found my weight records in a computer folder. I was in the habit of charting my average weight for the week on an Excel spreadsheet. I recorded each week from 1998 to 2006, when for some reason I stopped doing it, although I still kept track daily in note books.

Yesterday I averaged the last three weeks weights and started recording again. For me this is more encouraging than just doing it daily. The ups and downs don't matter as much as the total average. As long as that goes down I'm happy. Last week I went down .9 of a pound, which I am so grateful for.

Today I asked Susan if she was up for another week. She was. We term "good for us" loosely. We can always decide that a dessert is good for us. It is up to us to decide.

I went for a 3 km walk with Molson this afternoon. The weather is still mild; the sun was shining and the air crisp. Underfoot the leaves were crispy crunchy. It felt good to fill my lungs with fresh air and be out moving around!

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