Sunday, 13 June 2010


By Belinda

A quick check in for the sake of accountability.

I finished the book I was reading, Press Pause Before You Eat. I am now rereading the chapters that were most helpful, just to absorb the principles that have helped so much. I recommend the book as a great reference tool and help.

I'm still exercising faithfully with my equally faithful friend Molson.

Susan is working out at the gym.

Irene is down 46 pounds. Yay Irene!

Susan asked for a repeat of Irene's recipe for tilapia (a fish.) Here it is:
She coats it in a small amount of breadcrumbs mixed with parmesan cheese and quick fries it. I have also dipped it in milk and then a little seasoned flour and quick fried it. It is delicious!

Hey, I know that my progress is slow, but I'm feeling slimmer and I know that slowly but surely I am getting there. I have 9 pounds to go.

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Susan said...

"Susan is working out at the gym."

"Susan is working UP to working out at the gym" would probably be closer to the truth! Maybe if I keep at this for few more months I'll be able to call it "working out". Stay tuned! :)

Way to go on your steady progress. You are looking great - from every angle! I can't believe you have nine pounds to go...