Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Today I ate 27 points including 5 of my 35 extra points for the week.

Shan, thank you for your encouraging comment on the topic of exercise and expressing faith that I "can do it." I have yet to "do it," but I know that any day now I will burst from the couch and begin! I feel it coming and am working myself up to starting. :)

On Sunday, when I read my Weight Watchers Getting Started booklet, I decided to try the Switching technique. This is where you switch a habit you want to get rid of, for a more acceptable one by reprogramming your brain. I've never tried this before, but being desperate on Sunday, I thought that it was well worth trying, so I faithfully followed the instructions in the booklet and "switched" the habit of mindlessly cruising the snack cupboard in the evening, for making a cup of herbal tea. So far so good. I don't know if I've succeeded in brainwashing myself or not, but I did make a cup of licorice tea on Sunday evening, and it tasted decadently delicious.

I am encouraged and committed.

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