Monday, 5 March 2012

By Belinda

Yesterday, the day I usually record my weight here at the start of a new week, I was 152.4. We had a big family dinner with prime rib, Yorkshire Pudding yesterday, but I also served roasted vegetables (onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers & zucchini,) which I was going to roast for myself the night before, but suddenly had the brainwave of roasting them just before our dinner and sharing them. The family LOVED them--and there was still some left for me! :)

Yesterday I pulled a dress from the depths of my closet that I haven't worn for a year--in fact I hardly wore it at all. It felt SO GOOD to put on something feminine and "new to me again." I haven't been motivated to go shopping really for a long time, because I didn't like  how I felt and looked and hoped I could reverse the trend at some time in the near future before buying more clothes.

Oh, and on Saturday I joined our beautiful, new recreation and fitness centre in Bradford and tonight I go for my orientation and health assessment!

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