Saturday, 28 May 2011

158 Yikes!

By Belinda

I am returning to my confessional post.

I got on the scales this morning at a new high of 158 lb and I knew I needed help. I know that it helps to confide here.

What got me here? Sad to say it is pathetic but true--I used stuffing myself as a coping mechanism during four stressful months at work. Ridiculous to deal with a difficult time by creating another problem, but somehow I thought that rewarding and comforting myself with food was "helpful." Go figure.

Add to this the fact that I have been baking pies on an ongoing basis as a fundraiser and you get the picture. Pie is never far away--and pastry--flaky, tender pastry--is a weakness.

Anyway, friends, I feel like I've zipped myself into a fat suit. I am wearing flowing tops to cover my expanding middle and hips and my face is looking paunchy. I don't like it.

I will be 61 in a very few days, but I don't like helping along the ageing process.

So I plan to check in regularly and share the journey back to sanity and fitness.

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